Surviving Summer

During the hot weather months its easy to see why many people’s lawns and gardens have a tough time surviving. This can be frustrating for many people, especially after they invested a lot of money into their favorite plants to decorate their outdoor spaces. Here are some things that can be done to help your lawn or garden survive the summer.

1. Plan Ahead

Start preparing your lawn and garden for harsh weather early on. If you take some time to come up with a plan to protect your space it will make things much easier!

2. Water

Watering is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your plants are making it in the heat of summer. It can be easy to neglect this important task when things get busy but it is crucial for your lawn and garden. Watering in the early morning or in late afternoon are a good way to avoid evaporation so that your plants get the most out of watering.

3.  Consider the kinds of plants that you have

Understanding the kinds of plants that you have in your yard will help you to better care for them. Many different types of shrubs and flowers may suffering the extreme summer conditions so it is a good idea to keep a closer eye on them and maybe even consider transplanting them while the weather is not suitable for them if you really can’t seem to keep them healthy. For other plants that are more adaptable to hot weather maintenance will be much easier but it is still necessary to keep and eye on them as well and understand how to properly care for them.

4. Enlist the Help of a Professional

Its totally understandable that many people want beautiful lawns and landscapes but lack the green thumb needed to achieve their outdoor goal. That is where professional help becomes a life saver. They can help maintain your outdoor area so that you simply can enjoy the benefits. If you are trying to save your space and are not sure what to do Job One can help you bring it back to life!


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