Choosing The Right Tree

Christmas trees are an essential part of the holiday season for many families. They are a symbol of joy cheer and celebration and that is why its important to choose the healthiest tree possible this season.

The best time to start looking for your christmas tree is during mid november and the weekend after thanksgiving is when the hunt usually begins for a lot of people. Its good to purchase your tree early because each year the availability of trees is different. Things like insects and diseases can effect the number of trees that are available from year to year. Most of the trees that are purchased are bought from tree farms or lots and there are somethings to keep in mind when deciding where your tree will come from.


Trees that are bought from lots can work out just fine if they are fresh and haven been allowed to dry out too quickly. When choosing a tree from a lot it should have a deep green color. When you grab the branches sliding your hand against the growth of the needles they shouldn’t fall off of the branches, and the branches themselves should bend without breaking.
Trees that are from farms have a much greater guarantee of freshness because they are cut at the time of purchase.

Watering your tree is also important and it should be maintained. The tree should be kept in a cool place and away from draft and water should not go below the base of the tree trunk. Keeping the water at the appropriate level will ensure that the tree doesn’t dry out prematurely. Following these tips will help your tree stay green and healthy all holiday season.


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