Simple Strategies for Weed Control


Many will agree that there is no better compliment to a well manicured lawn than a beautifully arranged flower bed. With the fall season upon us Mums and other perennials are just the thing to have in your outdoor decor, and the last thing that anyone wants are unsightly weeds overshadowing their planting. Luckily, there are some easy ways to solve this problem to keep your plants healthy and weeds to a minimum.

The first thing to consider when trying to combat weeds in your flowerbeds is to remember that weeds are plants too. Just like our beautiful flowers weeds depend on sunlight and water to survive. By cutting them off from these resources it stops them from continuing to grow and spread to other areas, strategic watering systems and mulch are two simple ways to do just that.

Drip hoses are one watering method that can be used to control which plants in your beds get watered (exclude the weeds). By cutting off water supply to weeds, you can reduce their seed germination by 50 to 70%.

Using mulch does more than just add a little more color to your fall display, it can also be helpful in blocking sunlight from reaching weeds. Most weeds come from seeds in the top inch or so of soil and by covering these seeds with mulch you can effectively diminish their growth.

Weeding is probably one of the most obvious ways to remove weeds from your yard. Removing weeds after a good rain makes it much easier to pluck them out from the root and ensure that the whole plant is removed. If there is no rain for a while weeding can still be done by cutting the weed roots below the soil. Doing so will cause left over roots to die off. For those larger harder to remove eyesores, cutting off the tops will help stop them from spreading seeds and eventually will cause the weed to die.

Last but not least, the spacing of your planting strategies and soil upkeep can help to keep weeds out. Placing your plants closer together in beds while still following suggested spacing guidelines will leave weeds no room to grow. It is easy to find out what the care methods are for the plants of your choice, often they come with care instructions or you could inquire at your local nursery when purchasing them. Keeping soil fresh deters the growth of weeds and adding compost is an organic and free way to make sure that you can pump up your soil with nutrients to keep it healthy!

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