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Cold winter weather means staying inside and keeping warm, and the same thing goes for your potted plants. Bringing them indoors for the winter is the best thing that you can do in order help preserve them until next spring. During the cold months outdoor plants are less likely to survive but the good news is that it is often due to improper care and there are some easy solutions.

Plants need to be able to get the right amount of filtered light. Moving your plants closer to windows will ensure that they are getting all the light they need during the shorter hours of daylight. Some artificial lighting may also be necessary but be careful not to place your plants under direct light or lamps that may over heat them

Another easy tip to keep in mind is to keep dust from settling on the leaves of your indoor plants. Regular light dusting will promote healthy growth and ensure that leaves and petals can “breathe”. Pruning your indoor plants is another way to ensure that they continue to grow and fill out nicely.

Watering is possibly the most obvious necessity for indoor plant care. Proper watering routines will make or break your chances of keeping your plants alive. Watering should be done when the soil has dried. A good way to judge this is to stick a finger in the soil to test the dryness rather than just taking a guess. If you keep humidifiers in your home it will contribute to you plants soil staying moist and may reduce the amount of water that you need to give your plants.

There are a variety of potted plants that are suitable for decorating your home throughout winter. Below are some that are fairly easy to care for.

Clyamen – This plant prefers chilly indoor temperatures no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They need filtered light, moist soil, and leaves and petals need to be kept dry. The bright leaves and petals will add a nice splash of color to your home and hybrids of this plant that can stand slightly warmer temperatures are available for homes that may not have ideal cool conditions.


Amaryllis – Growing requirements for this plant include bright sunlight and a cool place in the home. Watering should be done when the top 1/2 inch of the soil dries out. Its pink or red wide shaped flowers will look great indoors and add some nice color.


Christmas Cactus – The name cactus implies that this indoor plant doesn’t require much care but this is not the case. This plant need regular watering and filtered light unlike other types of cactus. It can also bloom from fall all the way through spring and will sprout a pinkish red flower.


Poinsettias – This plant may be one of the most perfect flowers for the winter and the holiday season. Their bright red color is characteristic of the Christmas season. These plants like bright indirect of filtered light which they can get near windows. Daytime temperatures should be between 65 and 80 degrees and at night 60 degrees is ideal. Its recommended that the soil be kept slightly dry and and pruning should be maintained for a healthy plant


Written by Jocelyn