Through out the year there are many elements that can pose a  threat to the health of your lawn, and your outdoor plants. One of the biggest factors in lawn and garden damage are unwanted pests that can make themselves at home in your space. The best way to handle these pesky guests is to hire a lawn care professional who can accurately assess and treat the situation. Here are a few signs that you many have a problem and a few of the pests that could be the reason.

Gypsy Moths

These pests will cause a significant problem in the health of your trees and shrubs. They feed on the leaves of your plants and they will seriously compromise the look of your trees and shrubs. A sign that you may be dealing with Gypsy Moths in your yard are holes in leaves and unsightly eggs laid on branches. These bugs reproduce rapidly so once you suspect that this may be your problem contacting a professional would be the best way to save your plants.


Many of us have pets that are very dear to us so having a flea infestation can be extremely problematic, and they can certainly effect humans as well. These insects can make it difficult to use your outdoor spaces and present a huge problem if they make it into your home. Fleas tend to thrive in warmer weather so during the summer months this problem would be at its worst.Professionals can help with tackling a flea infestation in your yard and alleviate the chance of it escalating.

Chinch Bugs

Feeding on the fluids in blades of grass these insects can cause large brown patches in your lawn. Because these insects are so small they can be hard to detect until much of the damage is done. Having a lawn care provider help manage your lawn will help to rid your yard of these pests can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and green.

These are a few of the culprits that can be causing you not to enjoy your outdoor space this summer. Luckily there is help and if you are having issues with these insects your yard can be restored to health.

Written by Jocelyn