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Job One Fall Plantings

Fall is the time that annual plants are starting to fade. However, you can still have a lovely blooming garden with hardy perennials.  Perennials are plants that live throughout the seasons, year after year.  Where you might have a burst of color with annuals, perennials will bloom at different times of the growing season. Chrysanthemums …

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Groundcover Plantings

Sometimes it’s just about impossible to coax a desirable lawn grass to grow. The area could be too dry. Too wet. Too shady. And the very best shade grasses won’t even survive under an old tree or a tree with roots sticking up into the

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Dogwood needs pruning

Pruning is Essential.   Here are five common-sense tips to keep your young saplings and trees looking in tip-top shape. Cut off a diseased, dead, or broken branch from any tree or plant at any time. Prune the weaker of two rubbing or interfering branches that are developing bark wounds – the quicker the better. In …

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