Snow Removal in New Jersey
December 9, 2014 Care Tips, Winter No Comments

As we get deeper into winter snowy weather and snow removal become a concern for many people. Hire professionals who provide residential service to clear driveways and sidewalks and there is not much to worry about but if you’re opting to “do-it-yourself”, there are some things that you can do to prepare for the winter season. Since shoveling snow is not an activity most people are excited about, a little preparation will make your job quicker and easier.

Putting down a light layer of ice melt before a snowfall can help to reduce the accumulation by up to as much as two inches. There are many different types of ice melt that are available at local hardware or convenience stores. Rock salt is a low cost solution and good for preventing ice from covering walkways but it can damage your lawn, shrubs and concrete. Liquid forms of ice melt can be spread with weed sprayers and though they are a little more expensive they work quicker and are less harmful to your outdoor spaces.

Placing stakes in the ground around plants that may be effected by shoveling walkways will help prevent you from damaging them. Plants are much more susceptible to damage in cold weather and when covered in ice and snow, so this is a great idea to ensure that your plants are protected. It is also important not to try and remove snow from plants that are covered. This will prevent unnecessary damage.

A proper shovel will make a lot of difference in how well you remove snow and the amount of time that it takes. A good sturdy shovel with an aluminum tip will make it easier to pick up and unload. A curved handle on your shovel will make shoveling more comfortable and reduce bending and lifting. Keeping the size of your blade in the medium range will keep loads lighter and pushers (shovels with a c shaped blade) work well for lighter snow fall with less accumulation.

Shoveling snow and clearing off cars in shifts, every couple of inches, will make the job much easier for you. It may seem counterproductive but it will be a great relief when you have an easier time getting in and out of your home. This is another way to reduce the load and make shoveling a lighter job.

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Written by Jocelyn