Dogwood needs pruning
July 6, 2014 Care Tips, Plants No Comments

Pruning is Essential.


Here are five common-sense tips to keep your young saplings and trees looking in tip-top shape.

  • Cut off a diseased, dead, or broken branch from any tree or plant at any time.
  • Prune the weaker of two rubbing or interfering branches that are developing bark wounds – the quicker the better.
  • In pruning, don’t leave stubs or ragged cuts. Always use sharp, clean-cutting pruning tools.
  • All bark wounds over 1-1/2 inches in diameter should have a protective coating of dark paint.
  • Keep pruning shears sharp and well-oiled, and use the right tool for the job.
Cardinal Rule of Pruning

Cut cleanly and leave no stubs is the rule. A dead stub will rot, die, and is vulnerable to infection. An infection can spread to the rest of the tree. Either cut close to the main branch or immediately above a bud.

Written by Jocelyn