November 25, 2014 Care Tips, Lawn, Plants No Comments

With not much going on outdoors in the winter, it is a great time to study up on lawn care and prepare for the spring. Having healthy soil is important to growing healthy plants. Often people find that they have much more success growing a yard full of weeds rather than their desired flowers and grasses. This is because weeds are much more adaptable than other types of plants and can still grow in poor quality soil. There are a number of things that are necessary to guarantee that your soil is plant ready for the spring.

To many soil appears to be nothing more that just plain old dirt, but a closer look into its make up will show something else. There is in fact an miniature ecosystem thriving inside your soil made up of fungi, bacteria, decomposing matter and microbes. All of these things are vital to your plant.You can create compost piles to add to your soil or purchase nutrients for your soil at your local nursery.Whether or not your soil can hold moisture is another factor that contributes to plant health. Soil that is too dry or too moist will be detrimental. The pH level in soil will determine the problems that you have with your plants growth. If soil pH cannot support the microbes it contains then it will effect the nutrients that are produced in your soil. It may also damage the root cells of your plants and prevent it from being able to effectively pull nutrients from the soil.

Written by Jocelyn