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Through out the year there are many elements that can pose a ┬áthreat to the health of your lawn, and your outdoor plants. One of the biggest factors in lawn and garden damage are unwanted pests that can make themselves at home in your space. The best way to handle these pesky guests is to …

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With not much going on outdoors in the winter, it is a great time to study up on lawn care and prepare for the spring. Having healthy soil is important to growing healthy plants. Often people find that they have much more success growing a yard full of weeds rather than their desired flowers and …

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  As the holidays approach it is easy to neglect our outdoor spaces leaving much work to be done in the spring to restore them back to health. There are a few things that can be done to ensure that lawns and garden plants survive the winter cold. Raking and cleaning up leaves is something …

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Water, Water Everywhere

And not a drop to drink! But your plants are thirsty and we know to water only when they need it. So how do you know when they need watering? Look at your plants. Feel their leaves. Most plants, like people, are about 90 percent water. There can be changes in a leaf’s glossy surface, …

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