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During the hot weather months its easy to see why many people’s lawns and gardens have a tough time surviving. This can be frustrating for many people, especially after they invested a lot of money into their favorite plants to decorate their outdoor spaces. Here are some things that can be done to help your …

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Snow Removal in New Jersey

As we get deeper into winter snowy weather and snow removal become a concern for many people. Hire professionals who provide residential service to clear driveways and sidewalks and there is not much to worry about but if you’re opting to “do-it-yourself”, there are some things that you can do to prepare for the winter …

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With not much going on outdoors in the winter, it is a great time to study up on lawn care and prepare for the spring. Having healthy soil is important to growing healthy plants. Often people find that they have much more success growing a yard full of weeds rather than their desired flowers and …

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Many will agree that there is no better compliment to a well manicured lawn than a beautifully arranged flower bed. With the fall season upon us Mums and other perennials are just the thing to have in your outdoor decor, and the last thing that anyone wants are unsightly weeds overshadowing their planting. Luckily, there …

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Job One Fall Plantings

Fall is the time that annual plants are starting to fade. However, you can still have a lovely blooming garden with hardy perennials.  Perennials are plants that live throughout the seasons, year after year.  Where you might have a burst of color with annuals, perennials will bloom at different times of the growing season. Chrysanthemums …

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Dogwood needs pruning

Pruning is Essential.   Here are five common-sense tips to keep your young saplings and trees looking in tip-top shape. Cut off a diseased, dead, or broken branch from any tree or plant at any time. Prune the weaker of two rubbing or interfering branches that are developing bark wounds – the quicker the better. In …

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